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With attractive decoration to lid

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This is a nice looking Compass from (in my opinion) between 1780 and 1830.

In the middle of the paper and card rose is a small conical blown-glass bearing allowing it to spin freely on the axis pin.

Whilst this still works fine, I think the pin should block the rose when the compass is set on a flat surface (see picture of base of compass).

It is signed Legraverand au Havre, but there are two other markings that have been scratched out.

My guess is that they either indicated another city or perhaps originally said "& fils" (& son).

Does not detract from the overall appeal of the object, and is part of its history.

The glass sits on pins, and I imagine there was a bezel of some sort to hold it in place more securely than the contraction of the case which does the job adequately now.

Very attractive painted lid depicting a vase of flowers and a bird.