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For Sale is this device that was used to produce carbonated water sometimes used for pharmaceutical purposes. It is in fine condition – glass, ceramic and wicker, though no attempt should be made to use it, as these had a tendency to explode (hence the wicker casing)!! From the Web : The gasogene (or seltzogene) is a late Victorian device for producing carbonated water. It consists of two linked glass globes: the lower contained water or other drink to be made sparkling, the upper a mixture of tartaric acid and sodium bicarbonate that reacts to produce carbon dioxide. The produced gas pushes the liquid in the lower container up a tube and out of the device. The globes are surrounded by a wicker or wire protective mesh, as they have a tendency to explode. This item weighs nearly 4Kgs. (therefore shipping weight over 4 Kgs.). I will calculate the shipping cost depending on the country (estimated at £35 for the USA). Shipping is from France, so please note price is in Euros.