C P Goerz Berlin DRGM Pagor type Trieder Binocle

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Binoculars circa 1907 N° 132727

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Here we have an interesting pair of x8 Goerz Trieder Binocle.

It looks almost identical to the Pagor Trieder Binocle made from 1905 onwards.

The difference is these are simply signed :

C P Goerz Berlin Trieder Binocle DRGM

The script is written at a different angle from that on the Pagors.

The serial n° 132727 appears to date from about 1907 (Marco Bensi) 

Although these binoculars could be described as being in well-used condition,

the fact that they are about 110 years old permits me to say that they are in good condition for their age.

They are complete and functional, if needing a good clean.

The prisms are not chipped and the focusing is smooth.

A nice collector's item.

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