Carl Zeiss Jena Monocular Feldstecher 10x


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This is the monocular version of the highly sought-after Dienst Feldstecher (Service Fieldglass)  by Carl Zeiss Jena.

This model has 10 X magnification and dates from around 1895.

There is a number "130" stamped near the eyepiece.

It is sadly in poor condition.

There are some chips on the prisms, the leather covering is dry and has shrunk, there is a screw missing from one prism cover.

There is also a problem with the aluminium body, which has suffered from damp (or at least that's what I assume), and has a small piece of metal missing (maybe 2 square cms) .

For this reason I am selling it as an object of historical interest, for spares or repairs.

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This item is on sale on eBay at junk-cellar

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