Foth Flex II


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Rare FOTH FLEX Focal Plane Shutter, Twin Lens Reflex Camera for 120 Roll Film.

Item is located in France

Shipping to Europe is FREE.

Discounted Shipping to USA, Canada, Austalia, rest of the world £15.00

As you can see from the photos, this camera is in poor condition and in need of restoration.

The only missing parts appear to be the slow speed lever (1/10 to 2 seconds  believe),

and two little feet on the bottom of the camera.

The neck- strap is broken.

The mirror and magnifier are in good condition, but need a clean.

Please look closely at the fotos in case I have missed something.

The shutter curtain is complete and in reasonable condition,

and the shutter fires with a surprising amount of accuracy (but no slow speeds).

I think it is worth repairing and refurbishing.

A simple repainting of the black edges of the camera could make it very presentable in any collection.

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