Fowell Cinefilm 35mm

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The Fowell Cinefilm 35 was manufactured between 1950 and 1955 by Manufacturas de Fisica Aplicada Fowell S.A. , Daniel Perez de Diego -  Calle Vicero N° 3 Madrid.
This Bakelite camera was built in Spain, under licence and was a copy of the 1947 Spartus 35 F.
The lens is achromatic f 7,7 , 50 mm focus.
The shutter is single speed (1/100 sec.) plus bulb exposure.
A wheel selector located underneath the lens changes between 3 diaphragm apertures: 7.7,11,16.
A round dial at the top of the camera indicates the number of pictures taken. At the centre of this dial, a button is pressed for rewinding the film.
The viewfinder is an optical Galileo type.

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