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Frodsham Patent Opera Glasses, Pocket Binoculars.

The patent for these glasses is around 1880.

They present very well, and only have minor issues.

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In their 110 to 140 year life, these pocket binoculars have seen some wear and tear.

The leather has been repaired and the cap on the rear of the focusing screw is missing. Neither of these has any effect on the use of the glasses.

However, when opening and closing the tubes, the user needs to be very careful to pull or push gently, otherwise the swivelling eyepieces on one side have a tendancy to pop out.

This can be inconvenient, but does not do any harm to the glasses.

The optics are clear and the focusing is smooth.

These are an interesting and attractive pair of theatre or pocket binoculars that would fit into any collection of unusual optical items.

Circa 1880 - 1890