Jacques Pérille TRIC TRAC Corkscrew

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Here we have a cork screw from about 1927.

It is by Jacques Pérille or maybe his successors.

It has a multilever system similar to the "Perfect", "Débouchtout", "Weir" and other well known models.

Would benefit from a clean up, but I consider it to be in overall good condition.

Difficult model to find, even here in France.

Rare Corkscrew by Pérille

Being about 90 years old, it is not surprising that most of the nickel plating is worn off, and there are traces of rust on this corkscrew. Operationally sound, with a sharp worm.

Clearly stamped with make and model details.

Usure d'âge et traces de rouille. Bon état de fonctionnement. Bonne mèche.

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