Made under license from Zeiss

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Here we have a most unusual and hard to find pair of prismatic binoculars or field glasses made by E Krauss of Paris.

What is unusual about them ?

In about 1896 E Krauss started making binoculars, under license from Zeiss corresponding to various patents by that company.

I don't know if they followed the changes in design of the Zeiss patents as soon as they were introduced,

or whether there was a short delay in intergrating new features in the French-made models.

If this were a pair made by Zeiss in Germany, we might expect it to have sloping prism housings and maybe script engravings.

This means that they are not as far as I know identical in specification to a German version of 12 x Feldstecher or Dienst Glas.

However, I would make a guess at a year of manufacture around 1905 to 1910.

Sadly the prisms are quite dirty and you will need to clean them if you want to use these binoculars.

The case is well used and the binoculars do not have a strap.

As I mentioned above, there is minimal wear considering their age - tiny piece of leather missing, very small chips on eyecups and a very small chip on one prism.

Please ask as many questions as you like, but bear in mind I am far from being an expert on binoculars, despite having sold may over the years.