Zeiss Super Nettel 1

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Used condition but working.

Rangefinder and shutter function, though accuracy cannot be guaranteed

Note the dent on the baseplate, which is obviously not visible when the camera is displayed on a shelf.

The Super Nettel is a 35mm folding camera made by Zeiss Ikon. It was introduced in 1934 and was intended to be a cheaper, fixed lens, derivative of the Contax I. Its Zeiss Ikon code number was 536/24. It had a coupled rangefinder, separated from the viewfinder and quite similar to the Super Ikonta rangefinder, and a focal plane shutter to 1/1000, similar to the Contax shutter. The Super Nettel I had a black finish and the choice of three lenses, from the cheaper Zeiss Triotar 5cm f:3.5 to the expensive Zeiss Tessar 5cm f:2.8, with the Zeiss Tessar 5cm f:3.5 in between, probably the best choice in terms of quality.

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